Greetings Mr. Sonnier & Mr. Evans,

My name is Geoffrey Young Haney and I am an aspiring author, filmmaker, and musician from Grand Rapids, Michigan (on the west side of the mitten, opposite Detroit.) Raised on a healthy dose of genre films, fantasy books, superheroes, and pop-punk, I have for as long as I can remember wanted to tell stories. Now thirty-four years of age, with a wife and three beautiful children (all under the age of seven!), this desire to become a professional "dreamer of dreams" is stronger than ever, but also a more challenging mountain to climb. For the last six years or so, I have been pursuing both my creative and entrepreneurial goals as wholeheartedly as time allows, looking and striving as best I can to make these desires a reality.

In 2012, with two kids (at the time) and a steady (yet soul-sucking) day job, my wife and I decided to be insane. I left my job and went back to school to study film, and she took over being the breadwinner. It was a grueling two years, and while much of what I hoped would happen after graduation never came to pass, I nevertheless came away with a ton of great experiences and a few new collaborators. One such friend was a guy by the name of Brandon K. Tarleton. A United States Army veteran who served in both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, I was immediately struck by Brandon's unique passion for storytelling, his tenacity to drive on in spite of hardships, and his compassionate and loyal demeanor—all marks of not just a model serviceman, but the ideal business partner to tackle wild dreams with. Brandon told me that ever since he saw the movie, Gladiator, he knew he wanted to create movies and stories that do not just entertain but that changed people’s outlook on the world, and that was a spirit I could get behind.

So after graduation, Brandon and I decided to strike out and start our own media company. But we didn't want to do what everyone else around here does after graduation, which is open a little production house that ends up doing nothing but commercials for health care providers, nonprofits, and the same three big companies in town.

We wanted to tell stories, to weave fiction, to build universes. We wanted to make art that mattered. We wanted to start fires.

From that desire CAME Book of Matches Media.

Geoff embodies that unique and rare combination of business savvy entrepreneurial skills with the creative mind of an artist. This, along with his infusive personality, are key ingredients for success.
— Tom Lowe, international bestselling thriller author