My name is Geoffrey Young Haney, but you can call me Geoff. I am the husband of Michelle and the father of 3 (soon to be 4) amazing little monsters (ALMs—trademark pending) named Carter, Nolan and Elora. Raised on a healthy dose of genre films, fantasy books, superheroes, and pop-punk, I’m a well of junkfood cinema and ghost stories constantly trying to outrun my inner child. Psychologically, I’m an INFJ, and what the Enneagram calls a Visionary or an Iconoclast (5w4), which supposedly makes me introverted, artistic, innovative, and a destroyer of systems, but in reality just makes me kinda moody and sorta difficult to figure out (believe me, even I’m still working on it.)

What I can tell you clearly, though, is that I was created to inspire people through fictional tales—stories about wizards and dragons and angels and demons and love and terror and adventure and grief, all those things that spark imaginations and sometimes go bump in the night. I still believe that fantasy can be more than escapism, science-fiction can be more than space adventure, and horror can be more than scary; that some of the most important things we artists can convey come well dressed in blood and magic and stars and shadows and teeth.

Vocationally, I have a massive dream in my head called Book of Matches Media, a story development and creator management house. For right now it’s just me and a couple of other dreamers writing little stories and comics. Soon, it will be home to your new favorite new franchises, the stuff your kids’ kids will be talking about. (Better make room, Marvel.)

Professionally, I work freelance video production and have a standard day job that feeds my family, pays some bills, and (Lord willing) feeds the aforementioned vocation until audiences (or other types of supporters) fit the bill. I’m a lifelong Christian and a wannabe Stoic, and if I wasn’t committed to this writing thing I’d be singing and playing guitar in a bar somewhere.

My personal firestarters are Neil Gaiman, Donald Glover, Guillermo del Toro, Frank Turner, @Massawyrm, Joseph Campbell, Krista Tippett, Stephen King, Christopher Nolan, Kurt Vonnegut, Maria Popova, Simon Sinek, Seth Godin, Steven Spielberg, Kevin Smith, and Gary Vaynerchuk. My patron saints are Edgar Allen Poe, Stan Lee, George A. Romero, and Gene Wilder. My Favorite 252 Films can be found here, for an in depth look at my horrible taste. You can also find me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and give a hardy “hello, fennel!”


Truthfully, I’ve always been fascinated by fire. It’s why I named my company Book of Matches Media.

So naturally as I thought about what to name this blog and I thought about why I always feel a draw towards fire and fire imaginary, I made the realization that some of my best memories and most honest moments growing up happened around fire. The “Firebowl” time every night at summer camp in high school, when we’d sit on the edge of the lake and worship in community around a roaring fire. The bonfires I had with friends at the home I grew up in. The “little fires” in our hands that fostered conversations and lifelong friendships, those long nights and cigarettes that tainted and painted our youth in all its wonder, color, heartache, and joy.

I love everything about campfires. I love the task of starting one, of spending an evening around one with my friends and family. I love the conversations and songs and stories the dancing flames and orange embers seem to elicit. Heck, food tastes better cooked over an open flame! But I have to admit that it’s more than that. In a very human sense that speaks to me, the campfire has always been a place of comfort, community, storytelling, introspection, and mystery. It’s a primal place, where we momentarily escape from the darkness around us even while pondering it—a place where we can encounter our truest selves as well as a truer sense of each other. And metaphorically, it’s in the fires of life that we change and grow, where we are refined and forged.

Where we can be restored.


Moments and memories. Daily little sparks on life & death, philosophy & faith, creativity & craft, and everything in between. I add to this journal in my early morning hours, in that magical time when the sun is still asleep. My eventual hope is that this Campfire becomes a place like any other campfire, a place where people can converse and think and share and sing and dance; a kaleidoscope of stories, valuable when read in any order at any time. Audio and video versions (expansions, interpretations, reimaginings, etc.) are forthcoming, along with other assorted content. If you’re a writer or artist of any type and would like to share a word, please feel free to reach out. And thanks for stopping by. GYH

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