BOOK OF MATCHES MEDIA is a bespoke author services firm, specializing in story development, developmental editing, in-depth ARC analysis, social media and audience engagement, digital design and marketing, brand management, creative coaching, and anything else your crazy little mind can think of.

For real, though. Every single client we work with goes through an introductory process that shapes our campaigns and services to their specific needs, meaning every project we’re a part of is tailor-made for the artist, their goals, and their budget. This is because Book of Matches Media, not just in professional aspirations but in our story-loving souls, is a company dedicated to “the discovery and defense of The New”, actively supporting talented and passionate artists at any stage in their careers. And we’re creators ourselves, so we understand the challenges firestarters face while pursuing Big Dreams.

Maybe you need help with Instagram or that book launch. Maybe you need a trusted person to run your street team or read your draft. And maybe all you need is a sounding board, a bit of advice, and a hand to help you up again while you battle in this War of Art. We’re here for that.

Ready to get started? The first conversation’s on the house.