From a tiny spark may burst a mighty flame.
— Dante


To us, IMPRESSIONS is a spark, smoke and ember signifying brighter flames to come. Already we have a number of genre-defying sequels for the film in mind, and we are developing a collaborative storytelling platform called THE TNDRBX, built around the idea of the "impression" as a story prompt.

And since for us this type of storytelling knows no boundaries, we are on the verge of independently releasing a short story collection adapted from the screenplay for IMPRESSIONS. Myself and three other authors from around the country are participating in this project we call "First Impressions".


Feel free to follow the link above to read a few of these short stories for yourself. We hope you enjoy them and that it gives you a taste for the type of back-and-forth, cross-platform storytelling we love exploring.


And speaking of which...