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 LIKE MOST CREATIVE FOLKS, we get bored when placed in boxes. Fortunately for us (and for you), our varied creative backgrounds and network of collaborators allow us to be flexible and hands-on when it comes to your project, able to help you with the variety of tasks that stand between you and your audience. So think of us less as hired guns and more like your very own project management crew.

Below are just a few areas in which we can help, and we’re always down for new possibilities.



From the spark of an idea to a nearly finished manuscript, Book of Matches Media specializes in story analysis, developmental editing, proofreading, and more. Got an outline or treatment, a chapter you’re stuck on, a full manuscript? Wherever you are in the process, we’ve got your back.



Need help getting the word out about your work? From copywriting needs and killer covers to Instagram tours and advertising graphics, Book of Matches Media has the talent and the eye to grab your reader’s attention. And be sure to check out Audiobx to connect with our audiobook reviewers community!



Our in-house expertise is just one piece of the pie. At Book of Matches Media, if we run into a service you need that isn’t quite in our wheelhouse, we turn to our trusted network of artists, marketers, and indie publishing experts. We’ve made a lot of friends in this business; we’d love to put them to work for you.



You’re about to push publish when you realize that one item on your checklist without a checkmark. Where can you turn for a hand? Book of Matches Media prides ourselves on being nimble, quick to respond when time is of the essence. You can trust us with your project—even in the final minutes!