Book of Matches Media is a story development house.

We create genre-driven fiction for a variety of mediums and platforms.

Book of Matches Media exists to creatively inspire people—both audiences and creators alike—to explore their imaginations and to make the world a more interesting place through exciting and meaningful stories and an excellence in craft.



 At Book of Matches, we are obsessed with creating original stories with the expressed intent to connect such stories into exciting new franchises.

We build expansive, interconnected universes audience can enjoy and explore across multiple platforms and mediums. We strive to take fans deeper than ever into the types of fresh, new adventures they crave.



tales from rapid city


Written and developed by Book of Matches co-founder, Geoffrey Young Haney, with creative consultation from Matthew A. Rodriguez (Defenders of Eden), Tales From Rapid City vol. 1: Magnificent, tells the tale of Rapid City's most illustrious hero, Magnificent Man, and his tragic fall from grace.



defenders of eden

From our friends at Ideas From MARS comes DEFENDERS OF EDEN, an exciting fantasy-adventure comic perfect for readers of all ages.

Evil is on the move in Eden. Lady MaryWeather has taken her army on a quest to overthrow the kingdom of Neuthonia. It is up to an unlikely group of characters from all over Eden to stop her in her tracks. What comes next is only the beginning!



At Book of Matches, we are students of story,  studied and seasoned. We understand both the broad strokes to telling a compelling tale as well as the fine details.

We tell stories of the highest quality that appeal to our audience’s expectations as well as challenge genre convention, making our work feel both welcomingly familiar and refreshingly unique.



Welcome to a world unlike any other. Our IMPRESSIONS universe (based on the award-winning anthology screenplay from creators Geoffrey Young Haney and Brandon K. Tarleton) kicks off with a short story collection featuring adaptations from the screenplay from some of today's most exciting writers.

Then, later this year, comes the release of an IMPRESSIONS novel from author E. Nolan Carter. It will tell the tale of what happens after the screenplay wraps. And trust us, these two publications are only the beginning of this story... a story which YOU will be invited to be a part of.



In the long term, it is Book of Matches’ aim to be a company dedicated to forging and fostering “The New.” This means actively supporting talented artists with a range of perspectives and stories.

With this in mind, it is our goal to disrupt the exclusive and overwrought traditions of current commercial media models that leave too many unique voices undiscovered and too many artists unfairly compensated for their efforts.


Book of matches & creative commons

Almost everything we do here at Book of Matches Media, unless otherwise expressed, is work licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

This means, in short, that you are free to play with it—to adapt it, remix it, create derivative works from it, translate it, and share it, as long as you follow a few rules.

To learn more about Creative Commons and the culturally important work they do in the face of a broken copyright system, click here. If you have any questions specific to what is covered by our license, to any of our project's specific rules under such license, or if would like to know more about why Book of Matches Media uses Creative Commons, please feel free to email us.