While Brandon and I currently have a half-dozen projects in the writing stages—including three novel series and two screenplays—our current focus, and what I'd love to share with you today, is a sprawling, multi-platform story we call IMPRESSIONS.

At its simplest, Impressions is an anthology feature film, one that encapsulates many of the universes we hope to explore going forward. Featuring eight short films and a wrap-around, Impressions tells the story of a young photojournalist, Noah, who while on assignment in the rural midwest, happens upon a small town history museum. Having an affinity for such out-of-the-way oddities, Noah decides to stop and take a look. He meets the museum's caretaker, who at first says the museum is closed, but then takes an interest in the fact that Noah is into photography and invites him in. As Noah checks out the quaint exhibits and snaps a few pics, the caretaker then asks him to check out one of the museum's... private collections.

In a back room, the caretaker shows Noah the "Impressions" gallery—a collection of twelve strange and evocative photographs. Adorned only with a title and with no artist attributed, each photograph depicts a haunting scene from some mysterious place and time—like screenshots from a dozen forgotten genre movies. Noah is immediately entranced by these eerie works, each seeming to call to him louder than the last, drawing his imagination into the tales. Hence, we bring the audience into eight of these scenes, one after another.

From a demon-pursued outlaw in the Old West to a modern day vigilante supermom, from a boy who finds a monster chained up in his attic to a woman trying to find her way out of a deadly and dangerous forest, each Impressions segment takes us on a journey through the fantastic where nothing is quite what it seems.

IMPRESSIONS was entered into the 2016 Austin Film Festival screenwriting competition where it gained entry into the second round. I am very pleased with the feedback this script has been receiving from all those who have read it, and look forward to sharing it with CINESTATE now.

I really enjoyed reading this script! I don’t know if it’s for everybody, [but] I appreciate the writer taking a risk with plot and structure. That risk paid off well and made this an original and highly unexpected read. There’s a very clear vision for this story. The writing is polished and atmospheric and shows a confident voice.
— Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition, 2016 Second-Round Reader