At this point in time, BOOK OF MATCHES MEDIA, though not yet a proper company, is a germinated seed of an idea; a tiny plant in need of water. We are building IP, securing partners-in-crime and connections, and continuing to hone our craft. We're two artists and a ragtag team of collaborators and friends trying to bring about life out of nothing.

I only bring up our little fledgling collective because it's this dream of mine that drew me to connect so heavily with the mission and ethos of CINESTATE. When I first came across your company (after absolutely loving Bone Tomahawk and investigating how such an arresting genre film came to be), and learning about the way that you're tackling this new media landscape, I truly felt I had found kindred spirits. Allow me to use as an example one of the first "mission statements" I wrote for Book of Matches, a little over two years ago.



AT BOOK OF MATCHES MEDIA, we are obsessed with creating ORIGINAL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY with the expressed intent to connect such properties into EXCITING NEW FRANCHISES.

We build expansive, INTERCONNECTED UNIVERSES audiences can enjoy and explore across multiple platforms and mediums. We strive to take fans deeper than ever into the types of fresh, new adventures they crave.


WE ARE STUDENTS OF ALL STORIES, but specialize in speculative fiction—genres like FANTASY, SCI-FI, HORROR. Anything a little strange and off the beaten path; stories that take us to far-away worlds while at the same time shining a light on our own.

We tell stories that appeal to our audience's expectations as well as effectively challenge their preconceptions, making our work feel both WELCOMINGLY FAMILIAR AND ENTIRELY FRESH.


In the long term, it is our aim to be a company dedicated to FORGING AND FOSTERING "THE NEW”. This means actively supporting TALENTED ARTISTS WITH DIVERSE PERSPECTIVES.

With this in mind, it is our goal TO DISRUPT THE EXCLUSIVE AND OVERWROUGHT TRADITIONS of current commercial media models that leave too many unique voices undiscovered and too many artists unfairly compensated for their efforts.

All of this is to say that I feel as if Brandon and I think like Cinestate in a lot of ways. In fact, your words from your website sum things up nicely:
"... they share one vision: bold stories from authentic creators that can be shared across platforms."